About me

Pas_heroBeing a designer / superhero is not easy…

lots of us keep our real identity secret but as I do things differently I will tell you my real identity and keep my superhero identity a secret. I am an experienced web and graphic designer, I also do illustrations, photography, GUI, concept art, airbrush, comics, paint wall murals and pretty much everything else connected with art and design. That is my passion since I started walking and decided to improve wallpaper design with crayons, then I finished School of Fine Arts as a Graphic Designer, but it didn’t stop there, thanks to my curiosity I continually explore and learn new technologies to create and design.



First Name : Matko

Last Name : Matkovic

Born : 28. 02. 1980.

Country : Croatia

City : Split

Web and graphic designer since 1998.


As a designer / superhero extraordinaire I am able to work under pressure to tight deadlines and ensure the work is produced at the highest level thanks to my magnificent superpowers and skills such as:

★ Creativity & imagination
★ Critical thinking
★ Web Design
★ Print Design
★ Logo design
★ GUI design
★ Illustration
★ Photography
★ Photo manipulation
★ Animation
★ Concept art
★ Fine art
★ Marketing

…and more

Also if you are in need of superhero / web & graphic designer in your company I am looking for a full time job and I am willing to relocate – contact me for details!

Your message has been successfully sent, now go find and listen song by Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero, and I will be getting in touch real soon!